About Yoshi

About Chef Yoshiyuki Kashiwabara

Honored as an Excellent Chef of Diplomatic Missions by the Japanese Foreign Service, Chef Yoshiyuki spent seven years as the personal chef to the ambassadors based in San Francisco and Singapore. His formative years of development as a Kaiseki chef includes 14 years spent at the respected Kyoryori Hosoi in Saitama prefecture, where he joined as a trainee and eventually rose to lead the kitchen team.

About our food

Chef Yoshiyuki set upon creating a dining experience to showcase the finest ingredients of each season.

Food served at YOSHI is not just a dish but a celebration of each season. Using only the freshest seasonal ingredients available in Toyosu market, Chef Yoshiyuki is a master of preparing the ingredients to accentuate their natural flavours in a “Kyo-Ryori” style.

At YOSHI, you can choose to enjoy either Yoshi san’s Omakase or a themed menu based on a key ingredient. Whichever your choice, it will be a meal featuring Chef Yoshiyuki’s steadfast commitment to seasonal and quality ingredients, natural flavours, and Japanese omotenashi, ensuring an authentic Kyoto dining experience in the heart of Singapore!

From Kaiseki Yoshiyuki to Yoshi

Kaiseki Yoshiyuki opened in 2012 and focused on serving traditional, full length Kyoto kaiseki meals. For 2018, we decided to reinvent ourselves in order to allow us to appeal to a broader audience who would like to experience true Kyo-Ryori cuisine. With this in mind, Yoshi was conceptualised to feature the same Chef, same skills, and same un-erring devotion to quality and precision while becoming more approachable to our diners.

What is Kaiseki?